British Educational Research Association

BERA is a multi-disciplinary association of educational researchers.  Its concern is to undertake educational research and to improve educational action.  The organisation produces and journal and other publications as well as holding an annual conference with international recognition.

British Sociological Association

This is the professional organisation for Sociologists.  It is not concerned specifically with education however  there is an education study group.  The site contains a wealth of information and links, a noticeboard and job site and a postgraduate forum.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This is not specifically focused on education, however the JRF seeks to understand the root causes of poverty and to identify how social needs can be met in practice.  Child poverty and education are covered in its key topics.

National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

NFER is the largest independent organisation for educational research in the UK.  The organisation undertakes a range of educational research producing statistical reports to policy documents.

Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust could also be described as a campaigning organisation as it seeks to promote social mobility through education, challenging social inequality.  However it seeks to understand the root causes of educational inequalities and therefore a major focus of the organisation is its research and policy work.