Some knowledge of the history of education is essential for anyone hoping to gain an understanding of the sociology of education, contemporary education policies, and indeed the future of education.   The term history of education potentially encapsulates virtually everything that has ever happened regarding education, and therefore I cannot hope to do this justice.   Those studying the Sociology of Education, as well as Education Studies will hopefully find the links on this page useful starting points in developing an understanding of the education system in England and Wales.

Education in England

A website produced by Derek Gillard.  He describes this as a “brief history” of education in England.  Provides a history from 600AD to 2010.  The site also has links to the full texts of several Education Acts and reports.  A useful site for background information and as a chronology of developments in education.

History of Education Society

An organisation devoted to the study of the history of education and its teaching. The organisation sponsors two journals; History of Education and History of Education Researcher.

Museum of Childhood

Located in Bethnal Green in London this museum is home to the national childhood collection.  This link will take you to a section on the museum’s website devoted to education and creativity.  Has information on key figures in education and education legislation in England since 1800.  The Ragged School Museum is close by.

Ragged School Museum

The Ragged School Museum is located on the Copperfield Road in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  It was once home to London’s largest Ragged School, establish by Thomas Barnardo.  In this small museum there is a school room, and displays telling the story of the site.  For school groups it is possible to experience a Victorian lesson. It is one stop along on the Central line from the Museum of Childhood.


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