A group of organisations calling for an inclusive education system. In particular, Accord opposes the expansion and support of faith based schools, which operate selection and other policies on the basis of religion and religious beliefs.

Campaign for Real Education

This was set up in 1987 in response to a perceived fall in educational standards, in state education.   It was formed by parents and teachers.  CRE campaigns for higher standards and more parental choice.  They produce a termly newsletter.  While the organisation is not affiliated to any political party its views can be described as right wing.

Campaign for Secular Education

Believes that this life is all we have, and, that supernatural beliefs are an irrelevant and dangerous distraction.  It therefore believes that religious opinion should not be presented to children as ‘fact’.

Campaign for State Education

This is an campaigning organisation committed to maintaining and promoting state education.  It believes that all individuals are entitled to high quality education, provided via the state.  The Campaign for State Education, in particular, aims for high quality earlyyears education, as well as a fully comprehensive education system.

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG)

This is an organisation which campaigns to end child poverty in the UK.  It’s remit is much wider than education, however, child poverty has been consistently related to educational experience and attainment.  Currently, CPAG is running a ‘2 skint 4 school’ campaign to ensure that all children are able to access education.

Global Campaign for Education

This site reports that 75 million children are denied education.  This organisation aims to end the global education crisis and is committed to ‘education for all’. The website includes news and resources and details of the campaign in various countries.

National Campaign for Real Nursery Education

This organisation highlights the importance of nursery education to children, particularly in supporting the development of children.   

Socialist Educational Association

This association is affiliated to the Labour Party and acts as a critical friend, suggesting how the Party can improve its education policies. The SEA is committed to equality in education, and is opposed to selection and academies.