Melissa Benn talks a lot of sense on education.  Starting with an attempt to understandThe New Schools Revolution the education policies of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government are examined.  This revolution depends upon the derision of state (particularly comprehensive) education, and fear, amongst the middle classes of ‘bad’ schools.   Cutting through the popular myths of the move towards comprehensivisation, the prosaic reasons for this piecemeal revolution are presented, challenging a popular assumption of a naive egalitarian zeal at the heart of our comprehensive schools.  The dangers of increasing privatisation of education, and the accompanying unaccountability of  schools are exposed, in particular how they naturalise inequalities on social class and ethnic lines.  Benn concludes with an optimistic vision of what schools could be like.  This alternative is a realistic possibility, but only if we decide we want a good quality, fair, accessible education system


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