In 1989 a time capsule commemorating the silver jubilee of Mattersey Primary School near Doncaster was buried somewhere in the grounds of the school.  As the golden jubilee of the school is approaching in 2014 it is intended that the opening of the time capsule will form part of the school’s celebrations.  The plan is for the capsule to be reburied alongside a second capsule containing material indicative of more recent years in the school.  Both capsules will then be opened twenty-five years later.

However, these plans are threatened as the location of the burial site is unknown. According to a BBC News report while there is a photograph of the capsule being buried, the location has been forgotten.

While artefacts of school life may be buried in these time capsules, historians may, in the future be more interested in the everyday lives of pupils of Mattersey Primary School.  The time capsule buried in 1989 clearly has not featured prominently in the everyday life of the school.  Nevertheless this could prove a useful lesson in history. When it is found, the contents examined, and reburied alongside a new one, some thought could go into how the contents of the new capsule might capture the story of the school.  The school might also want to make a record of the burial site.


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