Unsurprisingly, the new government has announced the abolition of a couple of ‘quangos’ .

Firstly, BECTA the British, Education Communications and Technology Agency is for the chop.  This agency has overseen developments in ICT in Schools.  Government developments in this area have seen an expansion in the amount of technology that we see in schools.  It is currently managing the Home Access scheme, which subsidises the purchase and costs of computers and internet connections for children from poorer homes.  What will happen to this is uncertain.

The QCDA is also to be scrapped. This is the agency responsible for designing the school curriculum.  Exam boards will now have the freedom to design the curriculum for their awards, without regulation from the Government, through the QCDA.  It is entirely consistent with government policy that the QCDA should go, as schools will be granted more freedom in terms of the curriculum.

All this sounds great, as it saves money and gets rid of regulation.  However, a lack of regulation can be a bad thing, and there will be little government say in what children and young people are taught.  Similarly, there will be little government input into qualifications, and, for example, no way of regulating standards.   

Freedom, maybe, but equally, not much accountability.


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