A couple of weeks ago, Education and Society discussed the eventful farm trip featured on the  BBC school drama series, Waterloo Road. Pigs were prominent characters in that episode.

This week, the Guardian featured a more successful approach to incorporating pigs into the curriculum.  Oathall Community College in West Sussex has its own farm.  Here, pigs (and other animals) are reared for slaughter, their meat is sold, and pupils learn about the food cycle. Presumably, pupils at Oathall don’t have the sentimentality towards piglets that Sambuca Kelly, in Waterloo Road displayed. 

The farm at Oathall started in 1940, as part of the Dig for Victory campaign during World War II.  Today, the focus of the school’s farm appears to be more on raising livestock and producing meat, than digging and growing.  However, with the farm the school is able to offer courses in agriculture, as well as using the farm to support the whole curriculum.  The pupils at the school carry out work on the farm, not just on school days but at week-ends and in the holidays. 

Perhaps Waterloo Road pupils could visit.


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