Tonight’s explosive episode saw Rachel Mason’s life in danger, once again.  This time she rescued a pupil from a caravan, which was about to explode, thanks to the rather angry father of said pupil. 

Rachel Mason - a Super Head

Rachel had seen the father leaving with the child, happening as she did to look out of the window at the exact moment they were leaving the school, and she immediately recollected that the father was not allowed unsupervised access to his children.  So, being able to remember the domestic arrangements of her pupils, and having nothing better to do than look our of her window on the first day of term, she sped off in pursuit.  Her deputy and head of pastoral care, then managed also to abandon their teaching responsibilities and occupied her office, assisting the police with their inquires.  They looked incompetent too, unable to prevent the anxious mother from dictating police operations, while insisting her son accompany them also.  

Meanwhile back in school, there was not a lot of teaching going on, and not much learning.  This is not unusual, not because teaching and learning doesn’t go on in schools, but because popular representations of schools and teaching do not actually devote a lot of attention to teaching and learning.  Naturally.In the end it all resolved itself, that is, apart from the death of the father who had blown the caravan up.  Rachel was however, reminded by her deputy that she had a school to run and had a responsibility to all her pupils, not just one.  Will she take any notice?  Probably not.


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