Episode 6 of this series of Waterloo Road highlighted once again some of the issues that are associated with schools.

Until now there had been no suggestion that Christopher Mead, the new deputy head was a sex symbol.  However almost right from the start pupils were videoing him as he bent down to pick up a conveniently dropped folder and before long the clip was pasted onto the School website under the ‘Meet the Teacher’ pages.  This didn’t say a great deal for the Internet security policy of the school, and the Head teacher when informed didn’t exactly react swiftly, preferring to admonish the teacher in question and not mentioning the pupils responsible.    Perhaps Waterloo Road might like to consult BECTA for advice on securing the school’s Internet connection, it could consider revising its Internet access policy, presuming it has one, of course.

In defense of the Rachel Mason, the Head Teacher, she was rather busy playing at being amateur detective in the case of Lindsay James’ the pupil whose mother has killed her father in mysterious circumstances.  Rachel Mason invited Mrs James’ solicitor into school and then tried to extract from Lindsay information that might help her mother.    Eventually, after spending the day accusing Mr Mead of being a paedophile  Lindsay disclosed to an unsuspecting Rachel Mason that her father had been sexually abusing her.   Immediately after hearing this distressing information, Rachel Mason went off to the pub with deputy, Christopher Mead, who is no longer accused of being a child sex offender.  Maybe she had forgotten to call the local  Child Protection Unit, pondering that she would have to call the ‘designated officer’ the next day, if she knew who that was, of course. 

Still, what this episode did highlight was the issues that schools have to deal with,  a sentiment shared, in this episode by Christopher Mead after discovering why Vicki MacDonald was really trying to accuse him of sexual harassment.  Max Tyler, the new Executive Head, of course felt that pupils came to school to leave all their problems behind.

Of course schools don’t exist in a vacuum, as has been highlighted in Waterloo Road countless times.  It is strange however that in one episode that many of the difficult home backgrounds of pupils can be resolved.


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