The topic for the  Moral Maze on the 17th June was education.   As usual Michael Buerk  is in the chair, the title of the discussion is:

 Can you have a system of education that is egalitarian and fair?

The team consider whether academic standards are being scarified in the pursuit of fairness.

The discussion comes in response to  comments by Ralph Tabberer, the former director general of schools at the DCSF.  He  attacks the idea of ‘egalitarianism’ in comprehensive schools arguing that excellence is not being pursued in schools, because fairness is.  As a result bright children are being held back.

The Moral Maze team consists of Claire Fox from the Institute of Ideas; Michael Portillo, former Conservative MP; Melanie Phillips, author of All Must Have Prizeswhich is a critique of education egalitarianism;  Clifford Longley, journalist who has specialised in religious and moral affairs.

The programme is available on the BBC iplayer until the 24th June.


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