In 2008 the marking of SATs tests taken by 11 and 14 year olds in UK schools were beset by problems leading to the delay in their publication.  Later that year, ETS Europe, the company responsible for running the tests had its five year contract terminated by the Department for Children Schools and Families.

In its place Edexcel was appointed to run this years tests.  It has agreed to deliver  99.9% of test results 7 July 2009.

Today however there are reports that the delays are set to be repeated with the 2009 test results. 

Writing in the Guardian, Polly Curtis reports  that hundreds of applicants who had applied to be examiners for the 2009 tests were wrongly disqualified from marking, leading to extra scripts being allocated to the remaining examiners.

Edexcel has had to recruit extra examiners in order to fill the places of those examiners wrongly disqualified.

A spokesperson for the QCA , the body for ensuring the quality of the test said:

“We are working hard to deliver results on time”

Once again issues of marking standards surround the SATs as well as the prospect of delays.


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